Why we should all keep walking…

I don’t know what it is about walking, but it’s really enjoyable for me. And I feel like I don’t do enough of it. Walking is an easy task in and of itself, but it can sometimes be laborious too. You can set out for a walk eager to get some exercise, and come back home exhausted due to the length of the walk you took. Of course, now that I’m trying to train for a half marathon, I feel like walking is a piece of cake. 🙂 I’ve taken the walk for granted until I can’t just walk any more because of a more daunting quest. And then I long for the days when I used to just be able to walk, because running is so much more difficult for me.

I think it’s the same way on our spiritual journeys. I’m out for a long walk and some of the paths I’ve been led down feel like they will never end.  My feet are tired and blistered.  I press on because I know that’s what I’m called to do, but I whine about the steep path I’m on, when sometimes, that same rugged path is really also so stunningly beautiful. Other times I’m walking through thorns and weeds and overgrown bushes, or through never ending flat land where every step feels the same. I don’t feel like I’m getting any closer to my destination in places like that. But the truth is, every step I take gets me closer. And every step I take can bring more adventure ahead. I could come around a corner and see that the landscape has totally changed in an instant. I’m trying to remember that.



The truth is, I need to appreciate the journey, and some days I honestly just don’t. I grow discontent because I want to see things I don’t have the ability to see, or experience things I can’t experience in that moment. But there is beauty in every step of this path if I learn to look for it. What may look like a weed to some can be shaped like a beautiful flower sticking up from the ground to remind me that there is color on days that seem gray. A dark sky filled with clouds that scream with the promise of rain can be a reminder that God loves to shower His children with good gifts, and rain is one of those gifts that I so often take for granted.

The walk can be a tool used to challenge me to give thanks. It can also keep me close to the ground when everything in me just wants to fly away and escape for awhile.

The walk gets lonely. But that can be a gift too. When I’m alone with my thoughts, I get the gift of perspective. I listen to what the Lord might be trying to tell me instead of to all the voices of the world that love to come crashing in around me. I am focused on what I’m supposed to be focused on in that moment, instead of letting myself get so distracted with  things that really don’t matter or worrying about future paths and destinations.

So I’ll keep walking. Not like I really have a choice, because that’s what He has called me to do until I reach the end of my earthly journey. Some paths are tougher than others, and I can’t always control which one I will be walking on today.  But I can choose my attitude. And my desire is to keep a good one. Not just on the pretty parts of the walk, but on the drab, arduous, and monotonous parts too. And I want to encourage you today to do the same.

Because they all can be a blessing.

And because every step we take on our walks gets us closer to Home.

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When birthdays become life lessons…


Calling all the mamas out there today… Yes, you, with the child you feel like you are constantly disciplining for the same old reason.  The one who wears you out with the way you have to stay on top of them with a balance of discipline and love, wishing you could just love without the discipline for just one day.  Isn’t disciplining so exhausting?  It wears me out and makes me long for a day at the beach.  Anyone with me?

And yet, I know it’s so important, not only for the child… but for me.  Through parenting, and in those hard disciplining moments, I continue to learn so much about my relationship with my Heavenly Father.  Awhile back, I had a child – who will remain nameless, of course – whose birthday was coming up.  I was so excited to celebrate with my sweet child, and in typical mom form, was eager to give my child some really fun gifts I had purchased and knew he/she was longing for.  I get so much more excited about giving gifts these days than getting them.

As the time grew closer, however, I started to struggle with whether I should be giving more “stuff” to this child who had so much already and wasn’t acting so appreciative of what they already had.   I was tripping over toys, giving out way too many reminders to clean up, and just feeling really frustrated with the way he/she was taking care of their current belongings.  Is it really in my child’s best interests, I wondered, to be given more right now?  Perhaps some stewardship needed to be learned first.  And definitely some gratitude.

And then it hit me that sometimes, God may think the same thoughts about me as well.   Here I am praying for more, asking for more, and longing for God to do more in my life – when He just wants me to be content right now with what He’s already given me.  It doesn’t mean that I should stop longing or asking when He’s put desires in my heart.  But it does mean that I need to learn to be grateful for what I have now and steward what I have well,  so that I will appreciate and better handle the bigger gifts and responsibilities to come.  I have no idea what He’s got planned for me, or the timing of when those plans may come to fruition.

But I do know all that He’s called me to today.

The gifts He’s given me to cherish.

The responsibilities that I need to take ownership of.

And I have to believe, based on so many life stories of the people in Scripture,  that faithfulness to today’s responsibilities and gifts will result in greater fruitfulness tomorrow.

As for my child – well, we are still learning around here.  But I’m happy to report that the situation did improve before the birthday came around.  The birthday celebration was a happy time, and the birthday child ended up receiving way more than he/she deserved.  Because isn’t that how God is with us too?  So many gifts of grace.  Unmerited.  Undeserved.  Freely given in love.  But definitely delegated in His sovereign timing with the responsibility to steward them well.

My children will keep working on their gratitude and stewardship around here, and through it all, I’ll be reminded too.  Be grateful for today. Be hopeful for tomorrow.

But most of all, be content with His timing – convinced that Father really does know best.

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