It’s back… What We’re Reading Wednesday

I love to read. I love to discuss books I’ve read. And I feel like I never get enough reading time these days. So, in the hopes of continuing to find and discuss reading time, I’m starting this back up on my blog. This was originally inspired by my friend Brooke, and I love the idea.
So this week, here’s what we’re reading:

I just started this in a book club online, and it’s like a breath of fresh air. It’s reminding me that God created me to reflect His beauty in specific ways, and even when days feel the most mundane they could be, life itself is still art.

And, this one… A beautiful story of loss and hope by a previous American Idol contestant and worship leader. I’m just starting this one too, but it’s already been an encouragement in helping me remember I’m not alone in my journey of loss.

And as for the kiddos:

H is just finishing up this one for a school book report, and loved it! Went right along with her crazy big imagination. 🙂

L is a huge Magic Tree House fan! He flies through these books these days! And last but not least…

N does a book theme for his homeschool time each week, and this week it’s on this fun book!

Would love to hear what you and your littles are reading! Feel free to comment, and happy Wednesday! 🙂
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I’ve got this current obsession with anchors. I wear anchor designs, decorate with anchor themes, and can’t get enough of a couple songs with anchor references. And it’s all because of this verse:

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” -Hebrews 6:19a

An anchor… connects a drifting boat to steady hard ground.

An anchor… prohibits much drifting.

An anchor… is used for support.

An anchor… attaches moveable objects to immoveable.

An anchor strengthens.

And my anchor? Well, it’s my hope. That secure that provides a foundation for my soul in the midst of my insecure. This world is temporary, fleeting, and filled with emotional highs and lows that literally drain me at the end of each day. I need Someone that is strong, does not change, will not allow me to drift with the current tide, and that I can lean on for strength.

And that’s my Jesus. The answer for every broken heart longing for healing. The bedrock my faith is grounded in when I don’t understand the ever changing world around me. The source of my hope that will not and cannot change.
And the best news about that?

All that He is, He is for you.

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Just a shell

We were there once again at the grave side. Another month had passed. I’ve tried to visit once a month, but don’t bring the kids as often. Especially before the grave marker went in, there was nothing to see but dirt, weeds, and bugs. Nothing pretty about that, and not really where any of us long to hang out. Yet life has brought us there… to this place of seeing the ugly all around, but … {…Read More}


Ambidextrous. The word is defined as being “able to use both hands equally well.” I don’t know if I fit that exact definition when it comes to the word “equally,” but I’ve always been quite proud of my ability to do things with both hands. To use that as an adjective that describes me in any of those “get to know you” games. Though I’m a left-handed writer, I learned as a child to eat … {…Read More}