It’s not about me.

It’s all about Jesus. All.

This weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the annual women’s conference of the Gospel Coalition. Surrounded by godly women who have walked this road of faith for many more years than I have… spending breaks in a bookstore filled with truth filled resources… listening to incredible teaching from pastors and teachers ministering all over the country – well, I don’t know why I would assume I would come away thinking any differently. But Jesus really was made famous throughout the whole weekend, and His name was exalted and glorified through every word and song.

I have been in what I think is a normal place for anyone walking the road of grief. It’s this time frame of trying to figure out what new purpose God may have for my life after saying goodbye to former purposes that I thoroughly enjoyed and miss greatly. This convincing assurance that there is more coming but having no clue yet what that more looks like. It’s easy to get hung up on the details, wanting so desperately for Him to reveal even a hint of what’s next. And until He does that, trying to do the best I can in this season to prepare myself for what is to come and bring Him glory through it.

So, I went to the conference pretty stressed about some little details, and I came away seeing much more of the big picture and all that really truly matters – it’s all about Jesus. We worked our way through the book of Nehemiah, seeing Christ in every verse. Over and over again, it was emphasized that Bible stories are not there just to be great Bible stories or to become “Aesop’s fables” of sort – where we take away some kind of moral that applies to us after reading. They are there to point us to Jesus. It’s the same way with my life… with your life.

We have been created with a unique story He’s writing that should constantly point to Him. And because that is how we’ve been created, we don’t have to stress about what that looks like. He will take care of it. And in the in between seasons, all we have to do is rest in His amazing grace and trust that this same God who has worked so remarkably through history past will continue to guide us in the present and into the future He has in store. The next decision. The next hurdle. The next trial. The next victory. That itself will bring Him glory.

Life is so much more freeing that way. I know I’ve taken a few long exhaling breaths as I have reflected on all I was taught this weekend.

He’s got this.

And none of it is about me anyway.

It’s all about Him.
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