He would have been 39 today… this man so full of talent and diligence, and most of all, love for the Lord and for all those around him.  The kids would have showered him with homemade cards and drawings and I would have racked my brain for awhile to think of a gift for him, as he was usually pretty hard to shop for. JAnd of course, we would have joked about it only being a year until he went “over the hill.” 
Instead, we spend the day missing him, but celebrating his safety and healing and a little envious of his being face to face in the presence of our Savior for 18 months now.   It brings us joy to know that every need and want Bryan ever had for his life on each of his birthdays has now been fulfilled in heaven for all eternity.  We move forward remembering him and letting his compassion for others impact the way we live each day the Lord allows us to continue our lives here on earth.    Bryan doesn’t need our gifts any more – but others do.
Maybe today, you are remembering the life of this great man because he impacted your life too.  Or maybe, you never had the blessing of knowing him.   Regardless, you can be a part of continuing to honor him on his birthday by giving to an organization he loved. 

Man Up & Go is passionate about showing Jesus’ love to those who may feel like the outcasts of society – the poor, sick, widowed, orphaned, and/or homeless.   Working mainly in Africa, the team desires to take continual trips and have on the ground resources that help to make a difference and fulfill the mandate of James 1:27, both practically and spiritually.  Through several trips they have already taken, relationships have been built, but the list of needs has also grown.  

Bryan loved the leadership team of Man Up & Go, and repeatedly wanted to help support their mission.  Will you help continue his heart’s desire today, by giving a special gift to Man Up & Go?    Even $5 can make a difference.  You can go here to give a tax deductible gift. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. 

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“When saying yes doesn’t make sense”… a guest post

I’ve prayed all along that this blog would be real…  A safe place where we can forget all the fluff and the small talk, and just be honest that life can be really hard but we have a Father who is good and offers us hope…  A tiny little corner in the huge home of the Internet that speaks to a woman out there in need of some encouragement… that life may not make sense to us, but we are held by Someone greater who is writing a far bigger story than we can see.

 Remember this book?

Throughout it is a wake up call to say “yes” to God’s call, no matter what that may look like now or in the future. Today, over on Kristen’s blog, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to share a little of my difficult story of saying “yes” when it doesn’t make much sense:

Sometimes saying “yes” doesn’t make sense.
At 26 years old, I was blessed beyond measure as I walked down the aisle to say “I do” to my high school crush. It had taken almost 10 years after graduation and the Lord orchestrating a lot of events for us to reconnect, but in June 2004, we began on an exciting journey of life and ministry together. We were blessed shortly after with two beautiful children, but then got the scary news no one wants to hear at the beginning of another pregnancy: “Your husband has a cancerous eye tumor…”

Head over to the We Are That Family blog to to read the full post, and be sure to pick up a copy of Rhinestone Jesus if you haven’t yet!

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In the thick of the storm.

Sometimes the only way out is through. I absolutely hate storms.  And I live in an area of the country that seems like the summer thunderstorm capital.  These little storms can pop out of nowhere, lighting up the sky with huge bolts of lightning and startling unsuspecting persons with such loud thunderclaps.  To many, these kinds of storms can appear pretty scary and huge.  But if you can be patient through some crazy moments of … {…Read More}