Book Review… Taming the To-Do List

Recently, I had the opportunity to read the new book Taming the To-Do List, by Glynnis Whitwer.  I must be honest and say that I put this book off for awhile when I got it in the mail to review.  I did want to read it eventually, but it seemed more practical to me when I was more interested in inspirational reads at the time.

Boy, was I surprised when I started reading it.  I thought it was more a book on conquering a to-do list, which I really don’t have a problem doing.  The only way I feel like I can get done everything that needs to be around here is to keep a daily list for each day’s tasks.  But this book approached the daily list differently with this question… Are you really accomplishing what’s important on that to-do list?  Or are you procrastinating in doing what’s most important by busying yourself with other tasks that seem “urgent”? 

Whitwer approaching the subject of procrastination in a challenging, yet encouraging way.  She explained that procrastination could be keeping us from our dreams, and presented many reasons for procrastination.  I could identify with so many of them, knowing that there are several things I want to do yet never seem to find time to do.  Then, she broke down the process for tackling the most important things to get done with practical methods, such as strengthening our willpower, becoming a wise time manager, taming our perfectionist habits, and organizing our work.

“My key to balance is seeking God’s will for me in my current season and not spending time on assignments meant for other people.” -Glynnis Whitwer

I finished this book more encouraged to take some baby steps in accomplishing some of those big goals I just never seem to get around to starting, less fearful to dream bigger, and more willing to give myself grace when not much gets done in a given day if I used the time for what really mattered.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs encouragement in this area, and guarantee you will finish this book encouraged and empowered to overcome any procrastination in your life.  And, you’ll maybe even rethink what’s “urgent” right now, too! 🙂

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What We’re Reading… in November

I’m back with the “What We’re Reading” post – simply because I love reading and talking books with others!  I honestly can’t keep up with the weekly post though, and since I’m usually reading a few books at a time… it all works to update this just once a month.  So here’s what’s on my nightstand this month:

And as for the kids’ read aloud… well, we just finished reading the Growly series, which they absolutely loved.  Now we are reading Heaven for Kids, by Randy Alcorn.  I love how it addresses a lot of their questions using Scripture, and also incorporates principles from the Narnia books to help them understand more difficult concepts.  I’d recommend this book for children ages 7-12.  Of course, my kids love reading fiction best, but it’s my hope that they end up really getting a lot out of this book this month.

So what are you reading this month?  Please comment and share! 🙂

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