Thanksgiving blessings…


Just like that, another Thanksgiving is upon us.  (Does anyone else feel like this year flew by?) For those who have experienced loss, this can be such a bittersweet time of counting our blessings, yet feeling that ache of missing those no longer with us that churns in our hearts a little stronger around holidays.  We are definitely feeling it, but there is still so much to be grateful for, and I always want to try to let gratitude be our focus.  It’s becoming a tradition that I pick 5 random things I’m thankful for to share here on the blog, so here goes for this year:

  1. Friends who have my back.  There are these very special people, and you know who you are, who continue to come alongside our family and serve and love us so well – verbally reminding us that you are there for the long haul.   You ask how I really am, you often know what I need before I know myself, and you let me just be real and honest in sharing how difficult this journey I’m on really is some days.  You remind me that my Heavenly Father hasn’t forgotten us and show us His love in such sweet tangible ways. For all of this I’m so so grateful.
  2. Air conditioning. One recent night of going without it in the southern heat reminded us that we really do take this blessing for granted so often.  I don’t know what I would do without AC, but I wouldn’t be really enjoyable to be around, between my sweat and probable grumpiness.  And yet, to some it’s a rarity that they may never be able to afford.  So yes, I’m very grateful.
  3. My kids. I know I’m biased, but I truly believe I have some of the bravest and kindest kids on the planet… and it’s not because of anything I’ve done.  Instead, they are the ones reminding me to be brave and kind by the way they treat me.  They are a lot of work to parent, but boy, are they a joy.  God is so good to give me these three amazing gifts to cherish each day and give me the honor of being their mom.
  4. The gift of words. Whether sung in a sweet song, read in a good book, written in a thick and personal journal, or heard in a good movie… I love words so much. And I think I keep loving them more and more these days, judging from the stack of books that’s always awaiting my attention.  Words inspire me to be a better person and to keep learning and growing.  Through them I express myself to my Savior and He shares His heart with me.   I know that words have the power to build up or break down, and they cut pretty deep when they wound – but there is so much incredible good that can be done through them too.  What a gift words continue to be to me.
  5. Jesus.  Of course it’s obvious, and yet, as I get older, I feel like there are more and more layers to my relationship with Him that He continues to deepen and allow me to enter.  I’m seeing Him more and more as my true best friend, through His laying down His life so that I have the awareness of perfect love.  I’m so thankful that He accepts me how I am and that  I never have to fix myself up to be near and honest before Him.   All that makes me incredibly thankful.


The list could go on and on, but these are the five I’m picking for today.  I hope you’ll join me in using this coming Thanksgiving week to slow down a little and take the time to reflect on our numerous blessings that are truly immeasurable.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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