Book Review… Sacred Privilege

As soon as I saw that Revell had Kay Warren’s new book Sacred Privilege available for review, I had to hurry up and sign up for a copy, and I couldn’t wait to start reading when it arrived.  Although this book was written for pastors’ wives and I am currently not one, I admire Kay so much and have enjoyed and learned from every book she’s written.  Sure enough, this is a book that I soaked up as well.

sacred privilege

Sacred Privilege is a raw, honest look at the privileges and challenges of being in ministry and supporting a husband in ministry as a pastor’s wife.  The chapters in this book cover the following:

  • accepting yourself and your calling
  • adapting to change
  • helping your children thrive
  • communicating well with others
  • self care
  • valuing seasons and moments
  • protecting your private life
  • dealing with criticism
  • keeping an eternal perspective


Kay Warren has been through many hardships in her journey of faith, ministry, and marriage to her husband Rick.  I so appreciated her vulnerability and willingness to share the hard things she has been through, which include but are not limited to: building a church from the ground up, breast cancer, health challenges with her children, and her son’s suicide.   Just the kind honesty and hope that she shares through her words in this book will bring encouragement and motivation to anyone in need of it.

“We have to realize that when we are not unified, the world doesn’t know that God is real and doesn’t know that He loves them.  Wow.  This truth doesn’t leave much  room for our wounded pride – even if it’s justifiable…. Most of us have a very difficult time giving up our claims to what we feel people owe us.  But when we don’t freely forgive, we love ourselves more than we love God – and more than we love the people who don’t yet know God.” 

See what I mean?  The beautiful truths in this book will definitely be a support to pastor’s wives, but I also believe that this is a good resource for any woman in any kind of ministry.  Moreover, it will help those of us who aren’t pastors’ wives become more familiar with the challenges that pastors’ wives face and better know how to pray for them.   Thanks, Kay Warren, for your honest encouragement and undeniable testimony of God’s faithfulness in your life and ministry, that is portrayed all throughout this book.

I received this book from the blogger Revell Reads program in exchange for my honest opinion of these books.  


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