Book Review – Under a Summer Sky

Ever heard of Melody Carlson?  She is a well accomplished fiction writer with many published books, and when I saw that she had a new book out for review, I snagged the opportunity to get a copy and be one of the first to read it.  I’ve reviewed other books of hers and have found them to be sweet and lighthearted.  Under a Summer Sky was much of the same.


In this book, art teacher Nicole Anderson has the opportunity to travel to Savannah for the summer to run her mother’s best friend’s art studio in her absence.   After just going through a break up and feeling run down after a long year of teaching, she hopes to relax in a huge Southern home on her days off and grow in her artistic abilities as she meets the challenges of running a studio.  However, the other employee at the studio makes work extremely difficult for her, and some childhood friends, now handsome men, both seem to be vying for her attention.  Furthermore, a young teen girl in need of some mentoring befriends her.

Nicole has more adventures than she planned for, as she navigates a new beautiful city and the relationships with people living there.  In the end, she learns more about herself and steps into a future she never would have imagined.   I have been to Savannah and recognized some of the names of places mentioned in this book, which was kind of fun.  Though I wish there was a more faith-based theme throughout this book, there is mention of the way God directs this main character’s story and the relationship she has with Him.

Although this book was an easy and predictable read, it was a perfect happy and lighthearted story for some of the lazier days of summer.  Pick up a copy of this book for your next beach trip or pool time.

I received this book from the blogger Revell Reads program in exchange for my honest opinion.  


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