Thanks a lot, Irma…


Thanks a lot, Irma. 

You destroyed the homes of so many people, and caused damage all over several islands before intruding on our great and beautiful state of Florida and leaving a big mess to clean up.  More personally, you put me in panic mode for almost a week before you arrived.  You made my fear I’ve had since B’s death of surviving a hurricane without him, come true.  You gave me so much anxiety that I didn’t sleep through the night for a week.

Thanks a lot, Irma.

You made me so tired that I cried at the drop of a hat over the silliest things, to the point that my children probably worried a little about my sanity.  You made me so overwhelmed over where we should go to weather the storm, that I couldn’t even think straight.

Thanks a lot, Irma. 

After you were gone, you caused our power to be out for days and our Internet to be out for much longer, making it impossible for me to work from home like usual.  You forced schools to close for a week and a half, and children all over, including mine, to be behind on schoolwork that piled up and had to be completed from home. You made us all stir crazy and hot, as we tried to continuously be reminded of all we have to be grateful for.


So really… thanks a lot, Irma. 

You made our community band together in a little more unity than usual, as we all got ready to endure the worst.  You made all of us stocking up at Costco have to help each other load our cars in order to claim a shopping cart.   You made those of us standing in line at Target carry on conversations with the people in line around us, instead of the usual burying ourselves in our phones while we wait.

Thanks a lot, Irma. 

You caused friends to step up and remind me once again that though life can often seem so lonely, I am not alone on this journey.  You used our church body to be the hands and feet of Jesus, both being a sanctuary for us during the storm, but also coming alongside to assist us with numerous needs we had after the storm.   You even brought neighbors we hardly ever see to our doorstep on the days after your departure.

Thanks a lot, Irma. 

You brought linemen from all over the country to help our state restore power to homes and neighborhoods, reminding us of the beauty of sacrifice, and the importance of diligence and excellence in whatever career we are called to.   You took us out of our comfort zones and allowed us to step up to help others who had needs much greater than our own.

Thanks a lot, Irma. 

You brought quiet, dark evenings at home full of board games by lanterns and books read by flashlights.  You gave us a respite from the normally busy schedules of school aged children who are involved in several extracurricular activities this fall.  You pretty much froze life for a little while, causing us to make some sweet family memories together.

And because of all that, you helped to remind me once again that God really does bring beauty after storms if my eyes keep looking for it.

So for all that, Irma… thanks a lot.

I never, ever wanted you – and I hate the damage you brought to so many.

But I will never, ever forget you.


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