Happy New Year!


Yes, I know I’m saying it a little late… but so long, 2017. 

You brought sickness.

You brought anxiety.

You brought the most loneliness I have ever experienced.

You brought physical pain and soreness.

You brought stress trying to juggle multiple part-time jobs.


And yet…

You forced me to trust God more for healing.

You coerced me to turn to my Heavenly Father first and remember I am never alone.

You brought about more strength as a result of challenging myself physically.

And you challenged me to be a better steward of my time in order to get everything done.


And the thing is, I can’t really say that 2018 will be different, when it all comes down to it.  Sure, I hope there is a little less crazy to deal with this year.  But really, as long as I live here on this fallen earth, there will be sickness and pain.  There will be stress and anxiety.  And there will definitely be loneliness.

Perhaps the thing that will be different this year, instead though, will be my perspective.  Because when I remember that these are normal occurrences and come to expect them, my attitude will be much different when I am hit with them.   And that is my prayer for this year.

So 2018… bring it.  You’ve already challenged me from the beginning with sickness, and now that we are through that, I know there will be other challenges ahead.  I really really hope you have a lot of excitement and happy times in store too.  But at the end of this year, may I , and anyone else reading this, be able to say we learned and grew.

Not just from the good and the happy, but from the hard as well.



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