Get your Shazzy on!

When I was at the Allume conference back in October, I had the privilege of meeting some of the great folks at Shazzy Fitness, a fun Christian hip-hop dance and fitness program.

I was so excited to bring home one of the workout dvds to do some fun and wholesome fitness with my kiddos!

We have the A Time to Dance video, and had a lot of fun trying to figure out the moves and dance together. With Christian hip hop music as the formation of the workout, I never had to worry that the lyrics were inappropriate for my children. There are two workouts included on the dvd, as well as a bonus workout, an intro from the trainers, and more explanation on some of the moves. We had a great time laughing and exercising together, for sure!

Aside from the Christian foundation and music, what I also appreciated about this program was the personal approach from the instructors.  When I met some of them at Allume, I was so impressed with how friendly they were, wanting to establish relationships with people instead of just push their products.  You will see this same kind of approach shown on the video, through their personal introductions and stories.  I am confident that if I contacted them with questions, I’d be sure to hear back with a personal reply, and I greatly appreciate that.

The only thing that I wish was different about these videos is the speed of the workouts.  If you are uncoordinated like me, or have small children following along, it would be nice to see the workouts done first at half the speed, then pick up the pace and be done at regular speed.  These move FAST!  But as long as you keep your body moving and putting in effort, you still will be sweating and burning calories in the end, even if you can’t keep up with the moves as well as you wish you could.

So, go check out my new friends at Shazzy Fitness today, and pick up a copy of one of the workouts to have fun with in your own home.  The dvd I have, A Time to Dance, is for sale right now too for a limited time!  Don’t miss out, and have fun gettin’ your Shazzy on! 🙂
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