Some good summer reads…

We are thick into summer, which really does seem to bring out some “lazy days” around here.  This is the time of year that I challenge my kids with summer reading programs, and I also immerse my own self in a ton of fiction of all different kinds.  Recently I had the chance to review two sweet inspirational fiction books that are new releases, just in time for some relaxing summer reading.


I read All Summer Long, by Melody Carlson, in one day.  It was the perfect day to read, as Tropical Storm Collin came through and we were home lounging around.  This book is an easy read about a young woman named Tia, who leaves behind the comfortable but boring life she has known working at her uncle’s restaurant in Washington, for an exciting but intimidating adventure in San Francisco.

After a phone call from her aunt asking her to come and help transform an old luxury yacht into an upscale floating restaurant, Tia is faced with confronting her own fears and embracing a huge learning curve in this big commitment she’s agreed to.  Not only does she face the unfamiliar business and construction world with new courage, but she also walks alongside her aunt as she tries to help her husband journey through some health issues.   Furthermore, Tia runs into an old crush that she now seems to run into at every turn.

All Summer Long is the perfect summer read with an easy story line and a great ending.  In the process of reading about Tia’s choices and courage, readers may learn a thing or two about themselves as well, and look for adventure in their own summer days.



The second book I reviewed is called Sea Rose Lane, by Irene Hannon.  It is the second book in a themed series about Hope Harbor, a quaint town where people seem to be able to get away from life’s business and healing always seems to take place.  In this book, a previously successful attorney named Eric Nash heads back to his childhood home, Hope Harbor, after being laid off.  Once there, he discovers that not only is the place where he grew up is being transformed into a bed and breakfast, but the architect in charge is a beautiful but mysterious woman named BJ Stevens.

Eric and BJ first clash on ideas about life and business, but after spending some time together, realize that maybe there is more to each of them than meets the eye.  Eric befriends a Cuban immigrant who is running out of hope, and BJ works to help Hope Harbor’s older residents from feeling lonely and forsaken.  As they each focus on areas where others need to see hope and healing occur, they both find some healing and new beginnings for themselves as well.

This was another easy and relaxing read that is perfect for long summer days.  Though the plot was quite simple, this book found me cheering for the hope that was springing up again in its characters.  This book would be a delightful addition to a summer reading list, and with it, give the reminder to readers that there’s always hope, even when it may seem hard to find.

I received these books from the blogger Revell Reads program in exchange for my honest opinion of these books.  



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What We’re Reading… in November

I’m back with the “What We’re Reading” post – simply because I love reading and talking books with others!  I honestly can’t keep up with the weekly post though, and since I’m usually reading a few books at a time… it all works to update this just once a month.  So here’s what’s on my nightstand this month:

And as for the kids’ read aloud… well, we just finished reading the Growly series, which they absolutely loved.  Now we are reading Heaven for Kids, by Randy Alcorn.  I love how it addresses a lot of their questions using Scripture, and also incorporates principles from the Narnia books to help them understand more difficult concepts.  I’d recommend this book for children ages 7-12.  Of course, my kids love reading fiction best, but it’s my hope that they end up really getting a lot out of this book this month.

So what are you reading this month?  Please comment and share! 🙂

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Book Review… Girl Meets Change

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What We’re Reading…9-4-14

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Lessons from creation

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Yes in my mess.

Saying “yes” may just make life downright messy.  I’ve been reading an advance copy of Kristen Welch’s new book coming out, Rhinestone Jesus, and it’s been making me contemplate a lot. In particular, it’s been making me think about all the times I’ve made the choice to say “yes.” Yes, to begin studying to be a teacher. Yes, to further that study by going away from home and leaving what was familiar. Yes, to student … {…Read More}

The beauty of broken.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I needed to unplug some, and just focus on falling deeper in love with Jesus.  I write that with zero desire for any praise or compliments whatsoever, because the reason was not at all a good one.  I realized I was doubting Him.  I realized that I was struggling to let Him be enough for me.  I knew He was asking for that, and I needed to … {…Read More}

When hurt runs deep…

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