Welcome to my new site!


Yes, it was time for a blog makeover!  I’m excited to have this new site up and running, thanks to ever so talented Jenn Jordan.  May it bring hope to many more readers who may happen to stumble upon it in the future.

We’ve had a long but good summer, and I have been much quieter than I planned to be.  But I’m slowly learning that even when thoughts are overflowing in your brain, it’s not always the right time to share them.  So I’ve tried to sit quietly with my thoughts and post ideas, do what I’m supposed to be doing in that moment, and wait for direction on the next one.

And now… hopefully it’s time to share more again.  God’s been teaching me a lot and allowing me some new opportunities this coming school year in which to serve Him.  I pray that writing time can happen more regularly again, and appreciate your patience during my quieter times.  Sometimes the quietest months publicly are the loudest months privately, where His teaching is so rich and full and personal.   And enough.

So… welcome.  Or welcome back.  I’d love to hear from you if you are following along here, and I look forward to writing more often again as He gives me the opportunity.

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Allume recap

We interrupt this 31 Days challenge here on the blog to share about an amazing conference I had the opportunity to attend this past weekend. Allume is known as a Christian women’s conference for writers and bloggers to come together and be refreshed and challenged in their craft. This year, it was held in the beautiful city of Greenville, SC.  Although we didn’t have much free time to explore the city, I made the most of it with a few new friends.

It was a little different of a conference than I expected it to be.  Definitely less technical and less focused on specific details related to writing than I expected.  Instead, there was a huge ministry focus, and this year, the theme was on hospitality.  It was just beautiful.  We were challenged by wonderful and well known Christian writers and speakers, and some new voices, to make our homes – both our literal ones and our online ones – be open doors to welcome and love on those who may stop by for a visit.

While I do realize I need technical help to create a better blog in days to come, I was greatly encouraged by this focus.  There was no comparing of status there, even with widely published authors and brand new bloggers in the same room.  Instead, the overall theme was that God is working in our lives every day, no matter what we are doing, or the accomplishments our names may or may not carry with them.  It really doesn’t matter.  What matters instead is that we choose to be conduits of His love to the world around us, throughout all of the individual situations and circumstances we will face.

There were all sorts of service opportunities and ways to bless and help others.  I was made aware of needs that I can fulfill and I’m excited about those opportunities that are to come.

And of course, the leaders of the conference were so generous with the number of books and goodies that we were given!
So yes, while Allume is known as a “writing conference,” I now wouldn’t be so quick to label it as such.  It is for any woman who desires community, a sisterhood of women to partner together with, as we fulfill our individual callings to make some kind of difference in the world as the Lord works through us in unique ways.  
I was so encouraged, because this season of my life is just a tad crazy.  I can’t realistically do things I would really like to do.  Other things I try to do take me longer to fulfill than others  – take the 31 Day writing challenge I won’t be finishing by the end of October!   God is just looking for our “yes.”  He will work out the details, perform miracles, and give us an amazing story to share through our voices, our pens, or our keyboards.   
Thank you, Allume, for the refreshing encouragement to keep walking the road I’ve been assigned, and that my little “yes” counts in ways bigger than I can ever see.  

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