The beauty of broken.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I needed to unplug some, and just focus on falling deeper in love with Jesus.  I write that with zero desire for any praise or compliments whatsoever, because the reason was not at all a good one.  I realized I was doubting Him.  I realized that I was struggling to let Him be enough for me.  I knew He was asking for that, and I needed to … {…Read More}

365 days.

365 days. It’s been that long since I have felt his arms around me, or his hand holding mine as we knelt together in prayer before our Father. Since I heard his big boisterous laugh, listened to him share his future ministry dreams with me, or just overheard him playfully count to ten as he took part in a game of hide and seek around the house with the kids. Since I’ve seen his work … {…Read More}

Book review – The Storm Inside

I recently got the opportunity to review the new book The Storm Inside, by Sheila Walsh, as part of the launch team for this book. Of course, anything that has to do with a storm these days, I know I will totally be able to relate to and glean something from, as this past year has been quite the huge storm. The Lord has shown me repeatedly though, through the storm, that He is the … {…Read More}

Book review… Intentional Parenting

I recently realized that I never posted a book review on an incredible book called Intentional Parenting. Written by three counselors, Sissy Goff, David Thomas, and Melissa Trevathan have nailed it with this book on encouraging and challenging ways to be an intentional parent. The 11 chapters included topics like being a patient parent, a consistent parent, a playful parent, and a merciful parent. Within those chapters are dispelled myths replaced with Scriptural truth, real … {…Read More}

When hurt runs deep…

I’m currently in this group that is supposed to challenge those who love to write to do so more often. It’s always a goal of mine to write and keep writing, but life often gets in the way and makes me busier that I would like to be. So I thought this group might be great motivation to help me stay in the habit of writing regularly, both on this blog and in my journal. … {…Read More}

Lessons from a bicycle…

I’ve probably got a similar “learning to ride a bike” story to almost everyone else’s in this country, and probably even some of other countries.  As a little girl, I loved my little pink bike with the streamers and chunky banana seat.  Then, I hit the point of decision to want the training wheels off, after deciding that I had grown too cool and mature for them.  So, my dad took me outside to our … {…Read More}

My word for 2014.

Every year, I pick a theme word for the year that helps me focus. Forget all the New Year’s resolutions, because I can’t keep up with them all. Instead, a theme word envelopes it all, and this little blog, written mostly for myself so that I can remember my documented thoughts and moments, serves as a reminder of the word. Last year, it was embrace. When I prayed over it all at the start of … {…Read More}

A belated Merry Christmas…

…and a Happy New Year, from my family to yours! “…the Lord himself will give you the sign. Look! The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel (which means ‘God is with us’).” Isaiah 7:14, NLT He is Our Immanuel, and we are praising Him that He is always with us. Be blessed this holiday week, as we celebrate the hope that His coming brings. … {…Read More}

Glory moments

I’m tucked away in my bed for a few extra minutes this morning, our first day of Christmas break, with a cup of coffee on my nightstand and my Bible and laptop next to me. Quiet moments are few and far between right now, with the regular busyness of the season on us combined with learning how to juggle it all as a single parent. There are kids’ concerts and parties to attend, gifts to … {…Read More}