Putting on the Spirit…updated with winners…

If you are like me, you’ve seen the extreme importance of starting a day of parenting well by spending time in God’s Word. I absolutely must spend time with my Father, be reminded of His love for me, be encouraged by His plan of redemption, and be filled with His power and love in order to effectively go love my little ones and anyone else that the Lord puts in my path that day. Yet often, I’m crunched … {…Read More}

On grief and holidays…

I’m so thankful that we have such a great support system around us, checking in regularly to see how we are doing and loving on us in any way they can. One question I’ve been asked a lot lately is, “How are you doing with the holiday season here?” It’s made me really reflect and ask myself, “How AM I doing?” You see, there’s this constant clash within me of grief and joy. Of course, … {…Read More}

Thanksgiving fun for little adventurers

If you are looking for a fun scavenger hunt to do with your kids on Thanksgiving that helps them learn more about the history of Thanksgiving, look no further!  The My Kids Adventures site is featuring a great one by Susan that we had so much fun participating in.  There’s a great free printable that will need to be cut apart, and each clue tells you exactly where to hide it.    Then comes the … {…Read More}

Anxiety… or trust?

I admit it… I want a 12-step process for my life right now. Anyone with me? Some kind of 5-year plan, or even a 2-year one, where I know what step to take and when. I want to know that our needs will be met, my income will come from something I enjoy and thrive on doing, all the current health insurance fiasco will not become a source of stress for us, and that my … {…Read More}

It’s back… What We’re Reading Wednesday

I love to read. I love to discuss books I’ve read. And I feel like I never get enough reading time these days. So, in the hopes of continuing to find and discuss reading time, I’m starting this back up on my blog. This was originally inspired by my friend Brooke, and I love the idea. So this week, here’s what we’re reading: I just started this in a book club online, and it’s like a … {…Read More}


I’ve got this current obsession with anchors. I wear anchor designs, decorate with anchor themes, and can’t get enough of a couple songs with anchor references. And it’s all because of this verse: “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” -Hebrews 6:19a An anchor… connects a drifting boat to steady hard ground. An anchor… prohibits much drifting. An anchor… is used for support. An anchor… attaches moveable objects to … {…Read More}

Just a shell

We were there once again at the grave side. Another month had passed. I’ve tried to visit once a month, but don’t bring the kids as often. Especially before the grave marker went in, there was nothing to see but dirt, weeds, and bugs. Nothing pretty about that, and not really where any of us long to hang out. Yet life has brought us there… to this place of seeing the ugly all around, but … {…Read More}


Ambidextrous. The word is defined as being “able to use both hands equally well.” I don’t know if I fit that exact definition when it comes to the word “equally,” but I’ve always been quite proud of my ability to do things with both hands. To use that as an adjective that describes me in any of those “get to know you” games. Though I’m a left-handed writer, I learned as a child to eat … {…Read More}

Just breathe.

One of the things I’ve begun to do to help me through this grieving process is running. Yes, I know some would call me crazy – but believe me, I needed it. Something that keeps me healthy, gives “me time” with worship music coming through my headphones while my children are well cared for, helps me feel better about myself, helps cut down on stress, and gives me goals in otherwise now pretty mundane days … {…Read More}

Guest posting today…

So appreciate all your sweet comments of encouragement after my last post and blog restart. I’m still trying to figure out how to juggle writing with all the other demands I’ve had on me since the school year started. Today, I’m actually over at Susan Merrill’s blog sharing a little about that juggling act. Here’s an excerpt… Almost seven months ago, I entered the world and label of being a “single mom.” I had been blessed with … {…Read More}